Saturday, September 4, 2010

Writer's Thought #10

Can you believe it?  I have had 10 writer's thoughts!  I can't believe I've actually had 10 thoughts.  haha.  Seriously, though.  My friend and I had breakfast yesterday and we accomplished a lot.  She and I use Writer's Magazine as one of our sources and find a lot of helpful hints.  I also shared an amazing article in there from my favorite book editor, Elizabeth Lyon.  She is an amazing writer and has written several "how-to" books on creating your novel and selling it.  She's very nice and has actually returned my emails.

Anyway, we're looking through the magazine and sharing thoughts and ideas...what a WONDERFUL breakfast, too.  Potato pancakes!  Writer's Thought #10 - ALWAYS take a break and have a wonderful meal with a friend while talking over your writing.  Don't stress over your writing but talk it through with someone you trust and share article ideas from reliable sources.