Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Writer's Thought #12's been awhile since I've written and I know I'm supposed to be writing in this blog A LOT, but I work full time now.  I have found it hard to do both, but in my mind I'm always writing.  I have an imaginary little desk, typewriter, and secretary plugging away in my little grey "cell" up there and they aren't allowed breaks for any reason...hahaha.  Anyway, I have at least two novels going at any one time in my brain.  Sometimes I wish I could shut them all up and take a break.  I wish the real world could come up with something I could plug into my brain that would do all my typing for me.  Seriously, though, enough of the excuses.  I need twenty minutes a day - NO MATTER WHAT!  Starting today! I already have the first line of my second young adult novel and I can't wait to write the next 50 lines.

Writer's Thought #12 - Figure out how to spend at least twenty minutes a day with your writing and get out of that grey "cell" once in awhile.